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Before you plan to adopt a new puppy/ dog, firstly ask yourself the following questions:-
-   Are you prepared to keep a dog for average of 10-12 years?
-   Are you prepared to spend at least 1-2 hrs, twice a day to bring your dog out for a stroll?
-   Are you prepared to set aside some fund to spend on your dogs meals … etc?
-   Are you prepared to bring your dog for annual checkup or when he/she is sick?
-   Are you prepared to tolerate the nonsense, when you adopt a new puppy/adult dog            
    home, which is not toilet / obedience trained?
-  Are you prepared to pay the annual license fees to AVA (CAWC) (± $15.00 – 70.00 or    
-  Are you prepared to send your dog for Obedience Training, if necessary?
-  Are you prepared to be a responsible dog owner for the following:-
1.  Pick up your dog’s POO (Do not allow your dog to defecate in public areas e.g. prevent your dog from
      urinating at the void deck pillar/s or in the lift etc.)
2.  Stop him/her from barking or causing nuisance in the public area
3.  Leash your dog at all times, when you’re in the public area
4.  Always supervise and prevent your dog from approaching or sniff anyone especially those who are afraid of
      dogs, children..etc.
-  Tail is raised
-  Tries to make itself look bigger by standing on tips of paws with hair on back (hackles) raise.
-  Snarls, shows its teeth  
- Its ears back and tail curled under its legs
- Makes itself look small by crouching down
- Snarls, shows its teeth   
*If aggressive dog approaches you: -
1. Do not run or scream
2. Stand completely still
3. Avoid eye contact with the dog
4. Slowly walk away after the dog wonders off
Dog Aggressiveness are due to:
- Guarding & protecting of toys, food, owner...
- Genetic problems due breeding ...
- Stubborn character, bad temperament, very alpha over dominating character...
- Fearful & no confident due to being bitten, beaten, incident happens on bad experience, over dominant by
  other dog(s) during socialization ....
- Do not have a proper training during puppy / guidance from owner / over pampered by owner.
The information on this page maybe of assistance to you, but DR~DOGS.COM do not guarantee that the information is without flaw of any kind or wholly appropriate for your particular purposes and therefore disclaims all liability for any error, loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information on this web page.
Who is responsible? When your dog bites someone or other dog.
In Singapore there is  43,000 registered dogs with AVA in 2005, what about non register? Sad to say, not all
the dogs had attend obedience training here and not all obedience training cater on behaviors training. As
behaviors training need longer time to follow up and dogs behaviors are subjected to changes whenever there
is incident(s) happen to them. Owner with aggressive dog are not willing to pay and most “trainers” have no
patient/ time to follow up or most of them do not want to take the risk! Usually dog’s owner will wait till
problem arise then they will look for trainer and expected it to be solve within a few days of training. They’ve
forgotten that it is a living thing and is NOT repairing a television or servicing an air con !
Our records shows mainly dogs that exceed 1 years old, owner who enquires for training had problem(s) with
their dog. These problem(s) are usually accumulated bad behaviors from puppy or incidents happen during the
growing up stage which most owners had neglected. Dogs training comes with all kinds, most important is
whether the trainer had the experiences knowledge to highlighted on what they taught  and advise on
preventing future problems!

Best time to mould a good dog is from puppy with a proper training & guidance!

Below are what happened when dogs bites, aggression dogs, good dogs and dogs news:-
Click the following and read more!
Injuries cause by dog bite photos                  Dog bite photos  
Dog bite video                                             Dog attack police officer video
Attack dog bite reporter video                      Impressive! Humans Are Animals, Not Dogs !
Dog saves newborn BABY amazing animal!     Dog Stops Bull From Killing Man !
Dogs & Animal News                                     Dogs and Animal news (Singapore...)!                         

After looking at the above for references, we hope the public and dog’s owner are aware that incident(s) can
be control and not all dogs are bad.

When you go for a stroll with your dog. If you can’t control your aggressive dog always put on a muzzle and
leash them. Keep others inform if your dog “IS NOT” dog/ stranger/ kids friendly.

Don’t wait till problem happened, then you train your dog. Always be honest to speak the truth to any trainer/
groomer you engage on your dog temperament, so that precaution can be made during the service. Don’t
forget the they can claim on you for their lost or damage, if your dog’s aggressiveness was not highlighted
before the service start.

Aggressive means Aggressive, NO Excuses ! There is NO Naughty Dog except Spoil Dog !

Bite Survey:
Kid: 21lbs     
Man/ women: 75 - 127lbs (32 teeth)
Dogs:  (Pit Bull) 130/ 235 lbs        (G. Shepherd): 130 / 238 lbs
          (Rottweiler): 255 / 328 lbs   (South Africa Wild dogs): 317 lbs

How to Sue a Dog Owner Over a Dog Bite (in United State)  
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