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Perfect! posted on 03/06/2010 by RedStone
We use the drop-on Frontlxxxx and the large Frontlxxxx spray with our husky
and malamute, but the ticks still attach themselves, they just die within
24 hrs, but you still have the issue of the head being already in and needing
removal. But with this tick repeller we've had no fresh ticks attach
themselves at all since both dogs have been wearing them, so all three of
us are very happy customers! Great for use on dogs with a long, thick coat.
Top marks! :-)
was it worth it posted on 29/05/2010 by willnotorderagainfromthese
excellant product which is complete opposite of their customer service!
Product did not arrive! apparently I had to visit huge post office sorting
office to find out where! after millions of phone calls and dealing with very
nasty customer service, with not an ounce of emathy or comman sense, the
supervisor sorted it out and they re-sent me the product. If you have lots of
time on your hands and you want a fight to get goods paid for and
unsympatheic horrible customer service, then order from these!

SO FAR SO GOOD posted on 15/06/2009 14:00:43 by LOLIE & BINKY
Due to hot weather, ticks seem to be on the increase & with a dog that
swims daily, other products do not cut it. So when I saw this product, I had
to give it a go. So far it has worked perfectly. It has been on the collar for 2
weeks & not 1 tick has been found. The instructions it came with though
did say it was not totally water proof so we just remove the collar, when
its time for swims.

Should be great natural alternative to chemicals posted on 09/07/2008
22:13:29 by Sean
Love the idea of this. No chemicals or poisons on my dogs. So far so good.
No fleas or ticks : This has to be worth a try especially as it's clinically proven.
Going to get another one to hang in my dog's outdoor kennel too!!

"The fact I do not have to resort to using strong chemicals on my dog to
safeguard him against ticks is very exciting, plus the whole family benefits
by not being in contact with strong chemicals" Mrs Susi T. Cromer, NSW

"Since my dog Tali has been wearing it, I have noticed a significant
difference in the number of fleas on her, or should I say that are not on
her" Mrs Michele W. Terrey Hills NSW

"I know the ticks are still in the garden because my son is still finding them
on our dog and it has cost us yet another $220 in veterinary fees...
" Mrs Meghan S. Mona Vale NSW

Maximise protection
Particularly if you live in a tick infested area, it can be used in conjunction
with other products. In areas of severe infestation, it cannot be guaranteed
to provide 100% protection. Check your animal regularly, regardless of which
product you use.

For flea control, we also recommend that you control your outside environment
as much as possible and treat areas around pet's bedding, house and garden.
Use in conjunction with a parasitic wash.
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