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Dynamic Respond ~ Dogs .Communication 博学狗儿训练学院
Reg no.52959944M
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AVA Accredited
Organised by
AKCC (since 2002)
Supported By
Paya Lebar Zone ‘5’ RC
(since 2001)
Obedience &
Behavioral Training
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Till today, NO ONE MATCH it!
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Est. 1999
Register Office:
101 Kichener Road #02-34
Jalan Besar Plaza
Singapore 208511

School Registered No:  52959944 M

Class Training Venue: (location map please click here!)
In Between Block 116 & 113
Hougang Ave 1 (Amphitheatre)
Along Lor Ah Soo Road

Hand phone: 9842 9109
* Please call, sms enquires will not be entertain as we do not have
  enough free sms to correspond!   
Tel:               6296 4436 (Mon - Fri:  9am - 6pm)
Email:           Enquires Click Here!
Approved Training Ground:
Trainning Ground
Click photos to see Map
to our training ground!
Why train here?
1. An approved training ground , supported by Paya Labar
    Zone ‘5’ RC (since 2001)
2. Clean clement flooring - Free from Flea & Ticks!
3. During training there is fencing. (Safety of dogs & others)
4. Full training equipments can be setup here
5. Shelter with fans,  Water & Lighting
6. Free parking on Sunday
7. Nearby Coffee Shop, Market & Police post.
8. Family member can sit in to see the training.
9. Official receipt and documents will be given by our school.
10. Over here, you pay 1 price for 2 professional service.
Notice & Announcement:
For training / product enquires, kindly Call.
Please DO NOT SMS us, as we have in- sufficient
usage for SMS enquires!
If we miss your call, please leave a message as we
maybe conducting a training.