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Est. 1999
DR-DOGS.COM was establish on 1999. It was name under the
Dynamic Respond ~ Dogs. Communication. Before that the trainer
had been conducting training at  different area like Yew Tee, Changi
East & Lorong Liew Lian.
The trainer was once trained in Singapore before and understand how
our local train and what the dog’s owner need, that was not covered.This
is why the school has upgraded the syllabus & services to specially
customised to cater to the needs of our local dogs’ owner,  where all
these years others started to follow & copied but FAIL to commit to it in
long terms!  

Before year 2000, we knew the following are not taught & given in
Singapore dogs’ training market ! We are proud to say, we have continue
and consistently committing to improve in our syllabus and services :-

 Since 2000
First to introduce:-
~ off leash play train (hurdles & tunnel) in our obedience class
~ dogs socialization in our obedience class
~ Sound and food distraction in our obedience class
~ how to check your dogs behaviors & temperament during class
~ class training with 8 weeks course with min. 1.5 hour/session
  (Where others is 8 week / 1 hour)
~ class behaviors training without test but result will be access
  daily basis.

First to include, house breaking and behaviors solving in our
obedience class

First to provide:-
~ drinks for dogs to learn how to share and handlers for
  refreshments in our obedience class
~ free behaviors consultation to the public to help problematic
  dogs from 2000-2001. (Stop the free behaviors consultation
  service due to “some trainers” was caught misuse our service
  and later put into their training.)
~ free photos taken during obedience class & comprehensive home
  training. From 2003 free digital CD photos &  video recording
  was given on the obedience class training & comprehensive home

First to allow, family members to sit in our class training and  
              participate in certain group exercises

First to introduce:-
~ home comprehensive obedience that train with the owner on
  how to handle their dog at home and in different environments
  like Orchard road, Heartland malls, Centrals, nearby
  Neighbourhood Markets / Road side .. . since 2000
~ Foundation & Beginner Obedience training( cater for both
  puppies & dogs)Foundation & Obedience training helps owners to
  save cost from break up courses like puppy kindergarten To basic
  obedience To ..

From year 2001
First to introduce:-
~ health & food advise to take care of their dog for home
  comprehensive obedience since 2001
~ free dogs swim lessons/ gathering for our students & dogs
  since 2002. (from 2004, swim once in every 2 months)
~ personal dog swim therapy service for our student’s dog
  since 2003.
~ free 1 year recap(refresher) class after the students had
  completed their class training since 2002.
~ recap(refresher) class training which is train outside our
   training ground (lifestyle training) since 2002
~ additional equipment (balance beam) for play train in our
  obedience class since 2004.
First to start,
~ a special course for home puppy interactive training
  (comprehensive theory & practical training) since 2004
~ special home problems solving for pup/ dog toilet training
  without using cage or potty spray since 2004
First to include,
~ basic grooming in our obedience class since 2005 (Change of
  course name from Foundation & Beginner Obedience to
  Comprehensive Obedience Class since 2006)
~ Money back Guarantee for our Comprehensive Obedience
  course since 2005
~ tricks training in our obedience class 2006
First to introduce, Pedipaws Platinum nails trimmer in Singapore &
                    Asia  market on 2008
First to update, interesting News on Animal & Dogs in the club’s web  
                for our members & public viewing from 2009
First to introduce, Non Toxic Flea & Tick controller for Pets in  
                    Singapore & Asia  market on 2010
First and only in Singapore, as a registered private dog training school
                                  that works with the same ‘ Resident’s
                                  Committee ’ at Hougang Ave 1,  since 2001
                                  till today
First and only in Singapore, that started a Canine Club specially for our
                                  students since 2002 till today
First to upgrade, Both English & Chinese Language text for dogs’
                    training web in Singapore  on 2012
First to propose, National Park a tap for dog bath at East Coast Beach
                          after 3-4 years of talking to park officers and official
                           write in on 2011. The tap was install in July 2012!

Our consistency of commitments to improve in our syllabus and
services, is what our student’s benefits! Refer : Client’s Satisfaction
(People’s Association Staff Club)
696 Upper Changi Road East.
Braddell Heights Zone ‘B’
Braddell Heights Zone ‘B’
Resident Committee
Blk 6 Lorong Liew Lian
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Paya Lebar Zone ‘5’
Paya Lebar Zone ‘5’
Resident Committee
Blk 6 Lorong Liew Lian
Since 2001 till today!