Back to School, follow-up!
Do you think, 8 week or 10 week training course  is enough for your dogs?
We understand puppy or dog’s temperaments and behaviours changes,  when
incident(s) happened or owner did not notice bad habit(s) being inherited or
lack of time to re-enforce their training on their pup/ dog.

That is why , we bother to come up with a “Recap Class & two months once
Swim Gathering/ Lesson ”  to help the owner!

We have started these Free Service since 2002 and we realised that others
are trying to follows and copy but fail to commit till today.
~ Said is Easy, whether they consistently do it, is another thing ~
* 1 year free Recap Class (refresher), will be trained together with all the
   graduated dogs. ( train inside & outside our training ground).
   Owner need to pay $20.00 to the Resident Committee to renew their
   yearly recap, if they wish to continue their training.
   DR-DOGS will help to train for free!     
*  Unlimited two months once Free Swim gathering/ lesson!
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