Puppy Obedience
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Est. 1999
These are some of the dogs and many more that came from different area, trained @ our training ground in 
Hougang Ave.1.  Their taxi fare is even higher then our training fee!
These are the owners that understand the value of our training, this is why 
they are willing to travel  down to our training ground to specially train
their pups/ dogs .Some even engage us for home training & other services !
Anti Bark Collar Singapore
Anti Bark Collar Singapore
These dogs has been trained by us, before  their owners started to recommend our services to their friends and relatives!
Anti Bark Collar Singapore
These dogs came from the same family & was trained by 3 different trainers before!
Now all 3 dogs are under training by our school together, Why?   
Puppy Obedience
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They send their second, third, fourth & fifth dog for the same course, why?   
Start it’s Training
@ 2.5 months
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Two dogs from the same family & many more engaged our service for home training!
Back to School
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These dogs came from the same family & owner send their second & third dog for the same course!
Click the photos below,  same owner with their first, second and third dogs!    
Puppy Obedience
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These puppies & dogs from  the same family & many more..... that came to our school to train for the same course.
Click the photos below,  same owner with their first and second dogs!  
Puppy Obedience
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