1st in Singapore to conduct Comprehensive Obedience Class Training, that helps you Save Money & Time !
(Over here we Teach & Commit 10 - 20 times more then what others is not doing, with Money Back Guarantee )
Obedience training, Basic grooming, Off leash Play Train with commands, Health & Food advise by
certify professional, Tricks, Distractions control, Behaviours & Problems solving, Proper socialising, .....
Refresher training, Dogs swim lesson/ gathering, CD of your training, Training notes, Certificate upon
completion, Training facilities, Training equipments, Official training ground free from ticks & flea,.....
 Click                       to know more on our syllabus and what commit to you!
* After your 8 weeks course: Free  Refresher (RECAP) Training & Unlimited Dogs Swim lesson.
* Free: CD on how your pup/ dog are trained and progressed during the 8 weeks course.
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