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Battery Operated Pet Trimmer
Basic groom your pet,  yourself in order to create a
better bond and trust from them!

Since 1919, WAHL had already developed and manufacturing clipper & trimmer
for human & animals around the world.

WAHL, battery operated pet trimmer is specially designed for pets. To maintain
a clean and hygienic pet , it is best to basic groom them regularly. This
trimmer is ideal for trimming the face, ear, paws, lower belly and the rear of
the pet.

Why? trim the following:
Face: to give your pet a better vision.
Ear :  to keep it clean and have a better hearing
Paws: to prevent dirt trapped in between, virus formed, better grip on the floor
Belly : to make sure there is no urine stain
The rear( near anus): to prevent their poo from sticking onto the fur

Retail @:Sin $69.00 nett (Batteries included from factory)

Product Comes with:
-  Adjustable 6 level trimming
-  3 trimming attachments
-  Plastic comb for the face
-  Trimmer oil for blade
-  Cleaning brush
-  Device holder
-  Batteries include
Self collect:( call/ sms to pre-arranged in advance)

Serangoon MRT (North East line): At the ticketing kiosk
Blk 116 Hougang Ave 1 ( Lor. Ah Soo): Every Saturday/ Sunday

Contact / SMS Your Order: 9842 9109
(local SMS/ email enquires will NOT Be Entertained, interested please call!)
*Product packing
  may various!
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      Non Toxic
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behaviours training
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