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Be Logical When You Check On Dogs Training Program.
There are many professional trainers, trainee, instructors, counselors
or student having completed a basic course, started to be “trainer”.
They conducted dogs training individually or in a club or without a
company. Every individual provides different training methods, skills
and services in their training.

Usually we saw lots of ad hoc part-timers come and go anytime they like
without any commitment and other expenses incurred. Some will come
back in few months or years to train dogs or with another company name
or hand phone number, so that no follow up is require from their earlier
commitment. Some have taken a few years break and return to self pro
claim to have many years of experience that trained hundreds and
thousands of dogs. They will promise you lots of goodies(gimmick) and
over commit to you that is in your favor but will not full fill their job

It is up to the choice of the dog’s owner to select whom / where to be
trained and what is being taught and offered. What is more important,
is you are paying for the valuable professional service and a responsible
trainer to train you and your dog. If you need help, you will get the

Monkey see and monkey do” business is very common. Like Katong
laksa, Bubble tea, Papa bread, Donuts... Business come and go overnight!

Be skeptical that some will promise you “life time” or “over commit
with the service but ask yourself, in today business no one can tell what
will happened tomorrow and can they commit once they stop training?     

Training is base on individual experience, skill and knowledge, it is not
like purchasing a specific product with a specific brand, where you can
compare or bargain in pricing. If price is the main concern, you are
advised to check on what you are being offered and the commitments
given by these trainer. Whether they can commit to it, is up to you to
~ Have you try the above on yourself before implementing it to your
   puppy or dog?
~ For what reason or when should you used the above training tools?  
~ What train your Pup/ Dog? Training Tools or Skill & Experiences
~ Why do you keep a dog for? Competition/ Companion /Show off....
~ Do you really care for your dog or only for yourself?  
Usually a trainer will keep a “Highly Trainable” dog and train it very 
hard for demo or competition. You can also achieved the same result,
if you have the time to spare with a high trainability dog!
Spike Chain
Remote Electric Collar
Full Choker Chain
Types of training tools commonly use by trainer(s).
Tips & Advise
Be wise But Not ignorance or
irrational !
We always advise our students,
on-line forum is a place where you
can see/ read for pleasure. As you
don’t know / see the actual person
that give the comment(s).
Some may give you the wrong info or
up to something of their own benefits
or trying to collect some info or
trying to promote their products/
service by condemning others.