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Pictures tells Everything.
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Est. 1999
Hi, I’m Jack.
Do enjoy the following “CANDID SHOTS” taken during Training in Action,
for your leisure viewing !!!!!!!
Special THANKS to all the Doggie Buddies & their Families for their
Wonderful Time spent with us.
Gym For Fun (Agility)
Home & Individual Training
Free Recap Training
Comprehensive Obedience
Pictures Tells Everything
Pictures Tells Everything
Gym For Fun (Agility) - We create fun for you and your dog. (With 100% Full Equipments Training)
I’m born on 18 Nov. 1998 - The most Trustworthy, Faithful & Loyal working partner of Dr-Dogs.Com
Comprehensive Obedience With 100% Quality Syllabus - Save your time and cost, a course that will be Value for Money.
Free Recap Training - After completed class training follow-up for 1 year
Home & Individual Training - An intensive Pup / Dog training that cover directly on your problem(s) & what you need to understand ...etc.
Puppies / Dogs  Workshop - With your Pup / Dog we can personally shows you how to solve the Problems on the spot.
Dog Trainer Singapore
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Jack grown up
with my
5 years
old kid!
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