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*Please note we will take 3-5 working days to respond to you, if the enquires is by email.
  We remain the rights not to reply to you, for any irrelevant or no proper details is given in your enquires.  
*For Home Training enquires, kindly state the area on where you stay @ remarks column.
  (e.g. Woodland, Yishun, Jurong  ....etc)  

*If your pup/ dog has been trained by other trainer(s) before. Please state the details @ remarks column.
  (1. Who and what is being trained? 2. Have you call them for help about your problem(s)? )   
Hand phone: 9842 9109 (Do not call after 10.00pm)
Please call, sms enquires will not be entertain as we do not
 have enough free sms to correspond!
Incase we are in the training, please leave a message if we didn’t pickup your call.  
Thank you!   
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