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Est. 1999
Before the pets farm in Singapore started to have swimming
pool in the farms, we had already organised sea side swimming
gathering for our students. At the same time we started personal dog
swim therapy which caught the attention from the Mediacorp editor,
when they launch in the web. They want to have interviews
and a program on our service which they knew this is the first in
Singapore and we had rejected them after much consideration, as this
kind of service need hard work and responsibility. We do not want those
whom are not committed or specialise in this field to mess up the job
which is usually happened after new service is broadcast to the public.
Our survey from our clients shows, dogs with sensitive skin, joints, hip,
hyperactive... problems after attending several sea water swimming
it shows improvement. Owner will be advise and highlight on their dog’s
problems and how to take care their dog during our service.

Is common that people who are going for prices without knowing who they
engage for the service and what they do to their dog. As long as it is
cheap and meet their budget they will go for it.  Please note you are
engaging professionals with  2 handlers to 1 dog service at 1 price !

Some of the service, is specially cater to dog that already trained by us.
Dog’s sea side swimming Include:~ (Students dog only)
- 2-3 handlers to 1 dog (for dog’s safety)
- include bathing your dog
- 1 - 1.5 hours swim (total about 3 - 3.5 hours depend on distance travel)
- The handler(s) guide and accompany your dog in the water
- massage therapy during swim
* Cutting of nails, Brushing teeth & Cleaning of Ears

Fee from: Please call depend on the service required! (Need Booking)
Our dog walking + training include:~
- 2 handlers to 1 dog or 2-3 dogs of a same family
- Some basic training for the dog(s) 2.5 - 3 hours traveling out to ....

Fee from: $60.00 - $80.00 (45 minutes @ your place)
               $120.00 - 150.00 ( 2.5 to 3 hours outside e.g central, seaside)    
Our dog basic grooming include: ~ (Students dog only)
- 2 handlers to 1 dog  
- No Phobia for dog grooming @ owner home Bathing of dog, trimming of
  paws fur, belly and anus fur, cleaning the ear
  Option: remove of anal gland

Fee from: Please call depend on the service required!  
Our pet transport:~
Your dog will be free to roam around in the transport but not in a cage!
No time to bring your dog to the Vet. personally(optional service available)
* Fee depend on distance travel, time taken & dog size !
* dog/ pups must be free from  ticks & fleas & viral infection before
  engaging our service!

Fee from: $50.00 - $80.00 (advance booking)
              $120.00-$150.00 (night emergency case/weekend)

Duration and distance travel: point A to B  & pickup from B back to A
* Waiting time 45 minutes upon arrival of Clinic.
 ($10.00 charges for every extra 15 minutes)
* In order not to waste time at the clinic, owner are advice to book
  appointment in advance, before engaging our service.
Others requested services:~
Consultation and advice on how to choose a right puppy or adopt a dog
for first time owner!(Get the right advices before regret)

Fee from: * $100.00/hr  
Dog sitting services:~ (Students dog only)
On holidays need special arrangement for dog sitting at your home!

Fee from: Please call depend on the service required! (Need Booking)
Puppy Training Singapore
Till today, Xena had her weekly swim, since 2006!
Guaranteed Dog Trainers
Guaranteed Dog Trainers
Find out more on our once every two
months Swim Gathering and Lesson!
Dr-Dogs Training with Joy & Fun
3 month+, Harry’s owner has been recommended by  
a friend that has been training by us for Home
Consultation before welcome him in the house and
continue with Home Puppy Interactive training!
(1st day training, learn “Sit” command within 5 mins)
After 3-4 years of talking to park officers and official write in on 2011, National Park has finally install a tap for
dog bath at East Coast Beach in July 2012! Cheer guys!