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Anti parasitic wash/ drip cost you Sin $ 40.00 - 60.00 with 3 dosages.(cost per year $160 - $240)  
Each dosage stated, it will last for 1-2 months but if every week you bath your pet regularly with shampoo, the
effectiveness of product will eventually reduced!
Flea & Tick controller, last you 12 months(average battery life span), battery can be replaced!   
Dangerous Pet Products?
Repel Range
15m²(150 sq/ft)
Bark NO more!
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Pup/ dog Obedience &
behaviours training
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Flea & Tick
Self Imported Products / Service that you maybe interested in:

Your family and pets will just love you for this!

    * Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant or older pet
   * Lasts up to one whole year
   * Non Toxic
   * Efficient
   * Convenient
   * Fresh water resistant
   * Used world wide

Ticks are not just annoying, they are a danger to your pet's health, and to you and your
family as well.

The device is unique...

* Emits continuous ultrasonic impulses through a battery powered electronic circuit.    
* The ultrasonic emissions repel ticks, so they'll leave your pets alone.
* Inaudible and completely harmless to humans and pets at 40,000 hz.(40 Khz)
* Only the size of a name tag, attach directly to your pet's collar after activating battery.
* Totally safe, the preferred choice for animals weakened by sickness or more vulnerable
such as pregnancy, lactating, new born, very young, or senior animals.
* Repels ticks for up to twelve months on your pets.
* Can be used safely in conjunction with common anti-parasitic products from hot season
when ticks are especially potent, to maximise overall protection.
* Completely safe and non toxic for family members playing with or coming into contact
with your pets.
* It is splash water resistant and can be worn by your pet while they are washed. Remove
before swimming in sea water. (Although it is splash water resistant, in order to prolong
the life span of the product. We would recommend you to remove it, when you bath your
pet. Please note, any water resistant product(s) will have their limitation on resistant..!)
* It has been tested & proven by clinical studies by Professor Genchi at the Faculty of
Parasitology, University of Milan, Italy, 1992 and by Professor Doctor Giselle Zoccal Mingoti
at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, State University Paolista, St Paul, Brazil, 2002.

   * Stops fleas from infesting, biting and irritating your pets.
   * Even though your pets will continue to pick up fleas from their surroundings, you will soon
notice a significant decline in their number.
   * It safely protects your pets from both fleas and ticks.

Repels Ticks and Safe for:
Sick animals, weakened / frail animals
Convalescing animals, senior animals
Lactating females, pregnant females
Puppies and kittens

Maximise protection
Particularly if you live in a tick infested area, it can be used in conjunction with other
products. In areas of severe infestation, it  cannot be guaranteed to provide 100%
protection. Check your animal regularly, regardless of which product you use.

For flea control, we also recommend that you control your outside environment as much as
possible and treat areas around pet's bedding, house and garden. Use in conjunction with a
parasitic wash.

How to use?
1. If your pet has already had fleas/ ticks on their body, use parasitic wash in conjunction
with it.
2. Check and make sure to clean up all the area where your pet sleep & play like carpet,
sofa, curtains...
3. If you live in a badly flea/ tick infested area, make sure to engage a pest control to  
clean up all the area and at the same time use parasitic wash in conjunction with the
4. Once your pet is free from fleas and ticks, use it as a prevention repellent for your
pet (Prevention is better then Cure!)  
5. If your pet does not have flea / tick, use it as a prevention.
6. Check the battery power regularly! (if necessary, please replace a new battery)  

Save cost
The battery in the devices lasts for about 12 months!  So based upon the purchase price of
the device, it is heaps cheaper than purchasing expensive chemicals, powders, lotions and
potions that have to be continually applied on your dog!
Battery cost < 40 cent easy available in the market!

Recommended Retail Price: Sin $59.00 (standard packing without free gift)
*Introductory Offer: Sin $49.00 (Free detachable hook  while stock last!)